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Christian Hidaka (b.1977, Japan/UK)

Japan born London based artist Christian Hidaka studied Fine Art at Winchester School of Art and the Royal Academy Schools, London. Hidaka’s paintings use landscape to create an imaginary world. This imaginary world is not of our world but is perhaps the representation of another non existent world. Rather than idealising it, nature in Hidaka’s work is depicted as limitless and unfolding. There is a focus on three types of space- deserts, mountains and caves. In the deserts can be found sites activated by actions, narratives and signs. In the mountains the viewers eye bounces and reverberates across the picture plane, between mountain peaks, multiple horizons, waterfalls and mist. The cave entrances can be found in the mountains and deserts leading to uninhabited spaces. Hidakas’ images alienate themselves from traditional modes of landscape depiction: without a homely place of reference the viewer is left to wander in an alien world to explore possibility rather than impossibility.

© All images courtesy of the artist

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